The Step of the Warrior

This weekend has specifically been developed for boys from 12 to 14 years old, together with their fathers (or other form of male supervision).

The transition from boy to young man is a huge step a boy’s life. Major changes will take place in the coming years. This weekend aims to prepare for this transition, for both father and son. Personal work and challenges are alternated with relaxation and play. The boys are honoured by the older men for their unique qualities and we let the boys think about what kind of man they want to become when they grow older.

During this weekend your child will:

  • improve the relationship with his father
  • learn to cummunicate better and how to express himself
  • take his firsts steps towards adulthood
  • gain confidence
  • think about what kind of man he wants to become and what (boy) behaviour he needs to get rid of

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