Our Programs

We have created unique programs for different age groups. A father, or other male figure in their life, is present with the child in all programs and together they will go through the experience.

The Step of the Dicoverer

Father-son Weekend for boys 9 to 11 years old

This weekend is all about having fun, playing games and making connections. Because of the activities and the opportunity to spend one on one time with your boy, in a safe and natural environment, your relationship will be strengthened. This is an experience both will never forget.

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The Step of the Warrior

Father-son Weekend for boys 12 to 14 years old

During this weekend, father and son will face challenges, will share life experiences with each other and they will get to know and understand each other on a deeper level. Your son is about to enter his puberty and during these days both father and son learn ways to deal with this in a right way.

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The Step of the Hero

Multiple day camp for boys 14 to 18 years old

This camp has been developed to mark the transition of boys into their adulthood. Boys behave in a different way than men and there will have to be a physical shift and a mental shift to do this in a healthy way. During these days we focus on the mental growth of boys and their fathers while they are supported with respect and love by our facilitators. 

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