The Step of the Hero

This 5-day camp has specifically been developed for boys between the ages of 14 and 16, together with their fathers (or other form of male supervision).

Becoming a man … When will a boy become a man?
The physical changes happen naturally, but mentally also major changes need to happen. If this mental change does not happen, an adult man will appear, that still behaves like a boy. Growth to a healthy adult is a process that can not be left to young people themselves. It is a transition that must be supported with care and affection by a community of older men.

“A woman can change an embryo into to a boy, but only men can change a boy into a man. “ – Robert Bly

During these days, father and son are completely disconnected from their daily lives. No computers, no cell phones, no other forms of distraction. They learn to connect in a new way, with each other, with a group of men and with themselves. These connections will affect your son in a positive way and help him enormously with his further steps in his life.

During these days your boy will:

  • improve his relationship with his father/male mentor
  • hear ‘real’ life stories
  • gain confidence
  • learn about relationships between men and women and create more respect towards his mother and women in general
  • learn to communicate on a deeper level and how to express himself more clearly 
  • think about what kind of men he wants to become and what he needs to do (or not do) to make that happen

Our next camp is planned: 24-28 of July 2019



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