The Step of the Discoverer

This weekend has specifically been developed for boys between 9 and 11 years old, together with their fathers (or other form of male supervision).

In our busy lives it is not often that we have the opportunity to be with our child for a longer period of time with full attention. The telephone and internet are often a form of distraction. During this weekend program you will experience what it is like to be 100% present with your child and how much he enjoys it. Through playing games, story telling and the natural environment, father and son learn to connect in a deeper way, something that is necessary for the years that are coming up.

During this weekend your child will:

  • be spending a lot of time with his father/man he came with (which he will love so much)
  • have a lot of fun and make new friends
  • learn to communicate better and how to express himself
  • experience what it’s like to be surrounded by men who will see and honour his unique gifts and talents with care and respect
  • grow mentally

Our next weekend isn’t planned yet. Send your enquiry and we will notify you once we have a new date available.

Location: B.t.d.

The costs are per couple and include the weekend program from Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon, accommodation, delicious healthy food and an experience you both will never forget. You have to bring your own tent and sleeping gear.

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