Our team

Lars Verburg - Founder of Rite of Passage Netherlands

From my own experience I know that the adolescent years can be a big challenge. A lot of things change, both physically as mentally. I felt a lot of anger and ambiguity as a teenager and as a result, I stopped communicating, went against my parents and started leading a double life. When I look back on this life period I wished that I have had more support and I could certainly have made better decisions.

Lars worked 10 years at a large high-tech company after completing his degree in mechanical engineering. At the age of 34 it started he moved with his wife and two sons to Byron Bay Australia. There he followed courses and worked closely together with Dr Arne Rubinstein, CEO of ‘The Making of Men’ and ‘Rite of Passage Institute’, who is internationally known as an expert in the field of adolescence and Rite of Passage programs.

“After working as an engineer for a long period, something did not feel complete. I enjoyed the things I did, but there were times when I felt no satisfaction. When I became a father, a lot changed. Responsibility, unconditional love, but especially the intention to be the best possible father for my boys was a feeling I had never felt before. This intention brought me closer to myself and led me to this work. The satisfaction I get from seeing a father and son grow together is immensely valuable to me. “

Lars Verburg

Through his years of experience, Lars has developed a unique program that is accessible to everyone. With his enthusiasm, people knowledge and down-to-earth mentality, he knows how to take the participants along in an experience that they will never forget.

Rob van Wetten - Group Facilitator

“During my teenage years I drifted further and further away from my family of origin. I did not feel understood or heard. I had the feeling that I couldn’t honestly share everything at home. As a result, I often searched the limit of permissible and I regularly crossed that boundary. Through this experience I am convinced that a listening ear and understanding can make a big difference in making the right decisions in puberty.”

After his studies Rob has been working as a teamleader at a large sailmaker. During the last few years the urge to help young people became bigger and bigger so he completed an education for youthworker and coach, he’s been working as a volunteer with young people with special domestic circumstances and in 2018 he participated in the Rites of Passage leadership training ran by Dr. Arne Rubinstein. 

“When I was thirty I had a big displeasure about how my life went by. I was doing my daily things and was not satisfied with where I was at. I had to set a new coarse! Through a more conscious lifestyle and personal development it became clear to me that my life must be about stimulating growth. For young and old. For father and son.”

With his calm appearance Rob is able to create an environment where personal growth can take place. His positive mindset and listening ear are the foundations of his warm personality.